Your 3 Tip Holiday Season Survival Guide

The days are short and grey, Santa Baby is on repeat in every store, and you have a million and one social engagements this month… The Holiday Season is Here! Here are some quick lifestyle tips to help you navigate the holidays without ruining all your health and fitness progress.    


   1 Drink… 1 Water… Repeat!


Stress, finally getting to see your friends and family, and all those dinners and parties, let’s be honest, odds are you’re going to have a couple of drinks over the holiday season...

  • A great way to ease the effect of all those drinks on your body is the 1:1 rule. For every drink, you have follow it up with a water.  
  • At a bar, or office holiday party? Grab that glass of water as you order your drink. 
  • At home? Be sure to grab a glass of water from the sink or the fridge as you enjoy your wine, beer, or cocktail.  

The whole point of doing this is to help you out, nobody likes a hangover and it will make you a Grinch the next morning!


Plan It! Enjoy It!


You know you’re going to parties, dinners, events, and that Janice in HR will be bringing in her famous Christmas cookies into the office.

So, make it easy, plan good choices earlier in the week so that when you start enjoying all the delicious food and holiday drinks you won’t be stacking junk food on top of junk food!

Good choices earlier that day/week will help you have more fun at your social function. Load up on tons of veggies and fibre prior to your events. It will help with blood sugar, getting antioxidants, and feeling fuller before you hit the dessert table.


 Move it or Lose it!


Your business holiday schedule will get in the way of your gym, yoga, running, racquet sports, and more. Your metabolism will suffer if your exercise grinds to a halt! Even a small amount on a daily basis can make a huge difference.

All you need to do is get your heart going and break a sweat. It can be as simple as trying do as many squats as possible in a single set.  

Other exercises to try:

  • Plank for two minutes.  If you have trouble hitting the two-minute mark, take a five-second break and then finish off the set.
  • Push-ups until you cannot lift yourself off the ground.  Once you finish that first set then try your best to do a few more in one more set after your first set.
  • Squats, as many as possible, as fast as possible.    


I’m a huge advocate for sustainable healthy lifestyle choices. The kind of choices that you can keep making over the course of your Life.  Remember to drink water, plan for fun, and to get moving even if it’s just for five minutes! Take the time to enjoy your friends and loved ones this holiday season. Your good lifestyle choices will make being social this Holiday Season fun, instead of preventing you from having a great month.


- Al


Disclaimer. You know your body the best, don’t push yourself through something that will cause injury. If you have a pre-existing condition or your doctor has cautioned you on excessive activity, these activities might not be best for you. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it or ask your doctor if unsure!