We Have a Website!

Hey, Everyone! 

Guess what!?!?

We got a website! And we're extremely happy to share it with you! 

Over the past two months, the G.Y.M has been busy working with our marketing consultant. Rouge River Marketing owned by Scott Harrison.

Like with any new G.Y.M client, he gave us an assessment and identified the areas we needed to improve most at. Rouge River Marketing's guidance led us to completely revamp our social media accounts, do an amazing photo shoot, and even get a website. Scott walked us through every step allowing us to have our own input but also making it easy for us not become overwhelmed by the work. He often gives us personal and relatable advice and suggestions for our social accounts, without worrying about being on the clock.

We're excited to keep working with Scott and Rouge River Marketing and we can't wait to see what the future holds.


- Grow Your Muscles Staff