Summeration! Summer FitBit Challenge

Hey Everyone!

With summer just around the corner, we at Grow Your Muscles Studios have decided to celebrate by creating the Summeration Challenge for all our members at Grow Your Muscles Studio, with the grand prize being a Fitbit Charge 2.0.


The Summeration Challenge will run from April 30th until June 30th. For you to participate in the challenge you will need to take photos of yourself in gym clothes from the front and the side. Every week for the next 9 weeks you will take a new photo and post it on your social media page. These weekly pictures will all be from the same angles, so we can compare and view your progress. In the case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be your colourful commentary and reflections that are posted along with your photos.

The prize for the winner of this challenge will be a Fitbit Charge 2.0.

To be eligible you must be affiliated with Grow Your Muscles Studio, follow us on social media, TAG Grow Your Muscles Studio on your weekly post, and agree to have your photos and details posted.


Grow Your Muscles Studio Team

Challenge Details:


A 9-week fitness challenge available to Grow Your Muscles Studio Clients, focusing on metric based improvements. The most improved client will win a Fitbit Charge 2.0


G.Y.M. clients and affiliated clients


 April 30th – June 30th, 2018


Step 1) Take a couple of pictures today in gym clothes that make the shape of your body clear, we want to see front and side. The more clearly we can see where you are starting from the better we will be able to see the progress you are making over the month.

Step 2) Over the next 9 weeks take the same pictures with the same clothes in the same room, at the same time of day and the same angles. By the end of the challenge, there should be 9 sets of pictures from the beginning of the program to the end of the program.

Step 3) Using the social media post template, post your weekly photos to either Facebook or Instagram. Feel free to add commentary regarding how you feel, changes in your body you are experiencing, your energy level and so on.  Regarding the pictures, if all things are considered equal then your colourful commentary about your experience may be the difference in you winning. You must tag Grow Your Muscles Studio and your trainer on every post to be eligible.


What better way to start off your summer by showing off the efforts of all your hard work and dedication on your journey to becoming a healthier you! Also, beach season!

Client Eligibility

-          Must be under Grow Your Muscles Studio brand

-          Clients must like and follow the GYM social accounts

-          Winner must agree to have their photo and improvement details posted.

-          Must tag Grow Your Muscles Studio on weekly post