Cold Season Back Again!

We thought our invisible enemy went down south for the Spring and Summer? Well, its here, and this year has been a bitter one.  In fact, one of the worst breakouts Canada has experienced in a long time. 


However, the cold can be beaten. You just need to be diligent, patient and aware of your body. Following these simple steps to defend against the cold, will help to ensure you can be back to being 100%. Which means you can go back to being the great a parent, a business owner, an employee, an athlete, or a student.

 Step 1) Know Your Opponent. 
  If you feel any of the following, the cold may be upon you:
- Achy muscles or joints
- Tickle in your throat
- Low energy
- Dry mouth
- Swollen lymph nodes

This is the point where you must act fast and surprise your attacker. 
It's time to gear up and line your defence by:


Step 2) Start Early
Every Morning when I feel like I've got a cold I start my day with the following. 
- One shot of apple cider
- followed by a tablespoon of honey
- two pills of vitamin C. If not available you can have two oranges, a glass of none concentrated orange juice or any Vitamin C complex powder.  My personal favourite is E-emergency.
Step 3) Be Popeye! 
Throughout the day, getting the fuel to fight a cold is crucial! 


Load up on lots of greens like Popeye, I mean Lots of greens. 
Why?  Because greens are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, and have anti-inflammatory properties to help with those achy joints. 

Greens provide you with massive amounts of energy. Which is crucial during your battle with our invisible enemy. 
What Greens should I be eating?  We love wheatgrass, green supplement powder, spinach, kale, or any other dark leafy greens. You get the picture…If its green, eat it like its going out of style. 

Step 4) Smell Like A Pizza... With Oil Of Oregano! 
Oil of oregano is our #NewFoundLove

It tastes so good… Ok, it doesn't it's actually the worst. But, it does its job and that's all that matters… We at Grow Your Muscles, want you at your best. So you can get to see the results that you want, the results you set out that you wanted when you came to the gym.  

Step 5) Don't be afraid of the dark
Ok, the battle is almost done, but the war is still being waged. Don't be caught off guard, because that's when we are most vulnerable! 

Just like with Luke Skywalker when Darth Vader said: "Luke I am your father". In this case, you won't lose your hand, but you might miss a really fun night out with your partner, kids, friends, or coworkers. 

Ok, let’s get real, the bedtime prevention part sucks. You know what also sucks, feeling like garbage for two weeks because of a cold! This is what I live by and it's something I'm literally doing right now. Like you I too am human and even us trainers get sick. 


-Take a clove of garlic. Peel and cut in half. You must crush the garlic first, in-order for this to work. Place The garlic in your mouth, chew for thirty seconds and then swallow.  It will burn, it will taste awful, and you won't be attacked by vampires. 

- Next, take 2000mgs of Vitamin C; as previously covered. 

- After the garlic and vitamin C, take a glass of salt water, Gargle for 30 seconds. Spit and repeat. Till the glass is empty.  Do not drink any water or brush your teeth for thirty minutes, Let the salt and garlic do their magic. 

- Sleep, it sounds silly, but you need to sleep as much as possible when you're sick. Your body is a brilliant machine that can heal itself from most small things with rest. 

Step 6) Rinse and Repeat

- Most colds can stick around for a few days after you start feeling better, keep up with these steps for a day or two after you feel symptom-free. 
- Also, always consult with your doctor. These are immune system boosting tips, but if your illness persists or gets worse it could be something more than the common cold. 


Colds are a sneaky, invisible, and worthy opponent, but they can be beaten! Remember to know your opponent, start taking care of yourself early, be Popeye, smell like a pizza, don't be afraid of the dark, and rinse and repeat. Do these things and you will be well on your to beating the cold. Following these steps will get you back on your feet and living the best cold free life you can.

- Matt