Get The Most Out Of Your Winter Vacation

I’m going on a much-needed family vacation to Costa Rica in about two weeks or 1,209,600 seconds, but hey who’s counting right?

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of my pre, during, and post-trip tools so that you can get the absolute most out of your trip and avoid losing all your progress this year so far.


On a daily basis before my trip, I start doing little things to give me the opportunity to enjoy myself as much as possible while I am away.

I like to think of health like a bank account. The more money (health) in the bank, the more opportunities I can have in my life, this doubles when on vacation. Bad backs, tight legs, weak arms, and poor core strength can limit you from climbing back on to the snorkelling boat, dancing at night, and feeling comfortable with your shirt off by the pool. I try to put as many small deposits into my health account as possible throughout the day.

To start, I do at least one push up and one crunch every morning.  If possible, I aim to do more of these each day than the day before.


Eat Me Before You Go!

Say no to bread, say yes to greens and protein! 

Additionally, I drink as much water as possible.  Everything is better when you drink lots of water.  Trust me, you will have more energy, better digestion, fewer headaches, more clarity of mind.

I try to stay away from “bread” products as much as possible - pasta, bagels, buns, pizza, cereal, crackers, and all of the super starchy products are out.  It will help in particular with bloating in the space between your belly button and your hips. You might as well look good in all the clothes you’ve gone out and bought for your trip!

During the Trip

While I'm on vacation I don’t particularly want to throw away all the progress I'm making.  At the same time, I want to make sure that my routines are not getting in the way of having an amazing time. 

I try to knock out my pushups and crunches right before I get in the shower in the morning.  That will help to ensure I’m not super sweaty at the wrong times. 

Don't forget to alternate your alcohol intake with water.  Again, everything about your trip will be better if you stay hydrated, especially in a warm destination. 

Lately, lots of people have been getting sick from uncooked vegetables while in tropical destinations, so stick to cooked veggies unless you really trust the people who have prepared it for you. Not only is food poisoning no fun for you or your family, but getting enough fluids in the next couple of days in the tropical climates can be hard. There are also a lot of side effects of severe food poisoning that can aggravate minor injuries or conditions.


Beach + BBQ = Best Meal! 

Skip bad buffets for good grilled veggies and proteins!

A personal recommendation is to skip the buffets for lunch and eat at the beachside BBQ huts, not only does the food taste better, it’s usually very fresh and local!

If you have some downtime and you want to work out at the local gym, go ahead. Resort gyms are often bare bones, but simple bodyweight exercises are all you need to do, no need to risk injury.  If you’re not interested in the gym, take part in the poolside or beach activities to get you out of the chair and spending quality time with the people you care about. Plus, limbo contests are a lot of fun for you and your kids!


A lot of people make the mistake of rushing back into their lives once they return from vacation. If possible, take a day or two to let yourself come back up to speed.



After a week or so of having a good time, help your body recover with H20!

Do a mini detox - nothing too extreme - but try not to drink any alcohol for the rest of the month. Combining this with drinking as much water as possible will you get back to your pre-trip body.

Depending on when you go on vacation, everyone on your flight will probably be sharing the same cold there or on the way back. Load up on Vitamin C once you return home to make sure your vacation won’t have any negative side effects.


relax, recharge, and enjoy!

All in all, your vacation should be an amazing time to relax, recharge, decompress, and spend time with loved ones. Set yourself up for success before, during, and after your trip. Making the right decision will be the difference between guilt and shame on the plane home or pride and positivity. Remember that your health account rides on your deposits and withdrawals, and growing that account is better than buffet pizza slices.


- Al