Our Story

It all started when...

My path to becoming a business owner of my own independent gym and studio started five years ago. Like many big life changes, it came about because I wanted to make significant personal changes that would allow me better health, well-being and happiness. I was working for a corporate fitness company. I understood that there were benefits to making personal fitness a priority and I wanted to use my education and training to help individuals achieve their personal fitness goals.

My daughter was two years old. My wife and I were committed to sharing the care of our child by dividing our work days to ensure one of us could always be with her. This meant I would spend from the early morning to late the afternoon raising our child, while my wife worked in her profession. When she returned home from work she took over our daughter's care, I headed out to spend from the late afternoon until the late evening with my fitness clients. I began to realize that I was having trouble keeping up with our active little girl during these days because of my own low energy level.  This was troubling to me. I grew up as an athlete playing competitive soccer and basketball, and I also have a formal education in both childcare, and recreation and fitness. 

"My studio, The G.Y.M, strives to be a pillar of support in the community to help people grow consistently healthier."

At this point I set about to make a change to be healthier,  more present with my family, and be a better dad to my child in the precious, growing years of her life.  I was ready to make big changes and I had decided to create the life I wanted to live. With a clear focus on my priorities, I became healthy and more energetic. I realized that corporate fitness companies could offer great facilities, and this got many people into the gym. The problem is these companies are about selling memberships, and don't offer opportunity for personal growth, lacking a focus on the partnership between client and trainer.

I was motivated to share my own fitness and health experience with others so that they could identify their priorities and enjoy their lives more thoroughly.  My changed approach to my own lifestyle gives me more energy and benefits my productivity on a daily basis. I am eager to share how a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, plus a holistic approach to health can support greater well-being and better life with your family and friends.

Today, my primary interest in fitness is how to help people find a sustainable solutions to improve their health and fitness through customized plans and realistic goals.  Owning my own private gym has allowed me the flexibility to match my services with my vision of helping people achieve sustainable healthy living. Grow Your Muscles Studio is committed to helping real people identify customized lifestyle and exercise paths which lead to an improved way of living.

I now have no problem running after my daughter and son, in fact I think it's safe to say they might have trouble running after me. My life family life is full of fun, energy, and activity. I'm proud to say that I've passed my love of health and fitness onto my children, who are developing into athletes with a sustainable future. 

My studio, The G.Y.M. strives to be a pillar of support in the community to help people grow consistently healthier.