Whether you need to get moving, move better, or move better than your competition Grow Your Muscles Studio (G.Y.M) can get you to where you need to be.


Get Moving

Are you overweight? Do you get tired walking up a flight of stairs? Do you have chronic weight related pain? Constantly tired? 

Grow Your Muscles Studio is here to stop the growth of your waistline and start growing your love of fitness and health. At the G.Y.M you'll receive one-on-one customized workouts and advice to get you moving, help get the pounds off, give you more energy, and confidence.  The G.Y.M. will help you maintain your results and never look back. 


Move Better

Sure you can move, but why stop there? 

At the G.Y.M you'll receive one-on-one or small group training to help you accomplish your fitness goals. The G.Y.M staff will help you enjoy life better through movement. Your grandkids will be easier to lift, your dog will be easier to walk, and you'll enjoy that pick up game so much more. 


Move Better Than Your Competition

What's better than winning? Winning by a lot! 

At the G.Y.M work one-on-one with our trainers to improve your game. Our sport specific workouts will get you to the puck faster, driving the paint harder, swing the club faster, and be all alone for that cross-field pass.